Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Its about time for an update

So I figure its about time I posted an update :) Let me start by saying God is good! Really good! I don't even know where to start in explaining what he has been doing. Last week we talked about the basics of Christianity, and alot about God's love and who he really is to us. That was amazing! Here's some pics of what we have been doing:

This is my small group. Brandon (our leader has the bandana), Jordan is in the log, Bryan is on the log, and then there's Sam.

This is Avalanche Lake. Our small group hiked up hear for our first meeting. Jumped in and it was FREEZING!!!

The two pictures above are from up on Blacktail Mountain. We drive less than a mile off base and hit a gravel road, and that goes right up the mountain. In the pic above, you can't see it, but the base is right down by the lake.

And here is the sunset that we get to see on base almost every day :D They are super amazing with super vibrant colors. It's been a full moon the last couple nights and was bright enough to read under. I love it!

So we are headed to India. We have already started praying for this part of the adventure, and I know that God is going to do amazing things! We are going to be staying in Pune, and will probably be visiting Mumbai. We could use prayer that the Visas will all go through (we have one guy that still hasn't gotten his passport). We also need prayer for direction, because Mumbai can be dangerous, and has the biggest slums in the world. We are praying for direction on where God wants us to go. I'm quite confident that we are going to see some very hard things, but also confident that our God is bigger than that and is going to use us and cause us to grow.

Pray for our leaders Leah Crout and Brandon Ashbough.
Pray for team as we fight to keep darkness from entering our lives.
Pray for me that I can be willing to do the big things that I know is calling me to do.

Can't wait to come home see all my friends :)

Skylar Brown / DTS 
501 Blacktail Rd. 
Lakeside, MT 59922