Monday, December 19, 2011

India is SWEET!!! And Merry Christmas :)

Hello friends! I have made it to India and I am safe! Life here is so awesome. God is doing so much in my life. We have had a blast. It was a bit of a shock going from 12 degree weather in Montana to 80 degree weather in Mumbai. After 38 hours of travel we arrived in Mumbai. When we got out of the airport it was 2 o’clock in the morning, and even at the time there were people everywhere, and it was super humid. One of the first funny things I saw here was a man that drove past our van when we were driving. He had his wife behind in and a new born baby in his lap. None of them had helmets. Well it turns out that that isn’t abnormal here. There are mopeds and motorcycles everywhere! Sometimes there will be 4 people on one bike.

Well God is definitely at work here. We have been able to pray for so many people. We have been doing a lot of children’s ministry. We have visited a couple different schools and ministered to the kids. We do a lot of skits, one that we’ve been doing is the Christmas story, and a lot of interactive songs with the kids. Then we have been able to pray for the students, and pray with the staff. It has been a blessing to both us and to the schools.

We have also been doing a lot of house ministry in the slums. The slums are unbelievable. The houses that these families will live in are so small, the area is so dirty. I guess I thought when we came here that I was more blessed because of what I had. Well, that is not the case. The people here are so blessed too! I can really see the love of God in these people.

Tomorrow we are driving 9 hours near some villages that we are going to work with. We will be there for Christmas. With these people we will be sharing our skits and dances, playing music, one of us will give a message with our testimony, and then we will be praying for people. We are hoping to see a lot of healings. I don't have much more time because I'm sitting in an internet cafe paying for the internet, and dinner is soon! But hopefully in when I get back to the town I will be able to write more and put up some pics.


We could really use prayer for 2 things:

1. The girls on the team have been having spiritual attacks during the night, and will sometimes wake up screaming. We could use prayer for peace in the girls.

2. Prayer for Brandon and Leah (our team leaders). They under a lot of pressure and could definitely use prayer.

3. And pray for unity. Like any team of a bunch of teenagers, we have our issues. God is definitely working in all of our hearts and we are all growing so much closer to him.

India is super awesome!!! I hope everyone is doing good at home :)

Also, I love to hear from people. If anyone feels so inclined, send me a message on facebook or an email ( and let me know whats up!!! I'll write back too. It super fun to get messages from home :D

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