Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A dog stole my sandals, but it was totally worth it.

Tonight is a night that I will never forget (and I mean it). Jesus Christ has power.  Tonight we did a program in an unreached slum. Our stage was a Hindu temple. We did skits, we sang songs, we proclaimed the name of Jesus. At the end of our program, we opened it up for prayer and told people that we would pray for anyone that wanted it. We were asked to go into a house and pray for a man that was paralyzed. I really wanted to see this man healed, but it would all be by God's power. It was Denanje, Paul, Sam, and me. This man had had a stroke two years ago. For two years he hadn't moved his right hand, fingers, or elbow. For two years he hadn't moved his left leg, toes, or walked. He also had some issue in his brain, so he couldn't speak.

We dove into prayer. Nothing ever happens by man's power, by my power. Every miracle that ever happens happens by God's power. So we prayed that the Holy Spirit would over take the man. After 15 minutes he could close his hand. Next he could move his toes a little. His muscles were shaking. We could hear bones cracking. He was sighing. We kept praying and calling on Jesus. We told him to praise Jesus, even though he couldn't talk. His tongue started to loose. He said "Yeshu" (Hindi for Jesus). He started talking more. God continued to heal. Eventually he stood up and walked to his door and back. While he was standing he accepted Christ as his Lord. When I left, he was standing in the doorway with his left hand on his head. He shook my hand and gripped it tight. Never have I been so full of faith. This is real. Jesus's life was real.

More than physical life, this man received eternal life. I know that this brother of mine will be with me in heaven. This is a night I will never forget. There's no way that I can deny that Jesus is Lord.

And...when we came out of the house we found out that someone had stolen our shoes (probably a dog). I give up all my shoes to see this again :)

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! Jesus is So Good and Faithful!!! :) Miss you Sky!