Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 1

So today was day 1, and it was awesome. As soon as I first walked on this base, I felt welcome. The staff here are super amazing and my fellow students are as amazing. God started to work on all of us before we even started today. God's has really been teaching me a lot through meeting new people, because I have pretty much never gone anywhere without having friends with me. Its great.

I had a great road trip getting out here; spent two days driving with Kyle Clancy, and got an opportunity to explore Glacier National Park with him before he departed. Found a church on Sunday that I like pretty well. Our group is already super close. Before we had dinner tonight, I felt that I trusted so many people already, was so close to people already, and then at dinner everyone shared their testimonies and how God brought them to this base (which took about 6 hours total woo). After this we were all just so pumped, and everything is so deep. Its really easy to jump into a real conversation here because we all have one thing in common: CHRIST!

And CHRIST is the focus of why we are here. God has already done so much in me. And it's only day 1 (well technically day 2…as of 5 minutes). Continued pray would be awesome and much appreciated, and I'll update more on what God is doing soon! Specific things I could use prayer for:
-Humility. I want to become nothing and have Christ be my something.
-I want to have a reckless spirit, that is willing to give up anything to follow Christ's leading
-Trust that God has my future in control and I don't need to worry about what is going to happen afterwards.

Thanks so much for your prayers!!!

O and also, my address is:

Hey just in case anyones interested :P my address is:

Skylar Brown / DTS 
501 Blacktail Rd. 
Lakeside, MT 59922

I love letters and the like, so send away :)

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