Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 2

God has been awesome and has definitely been changing us. Last Friday we had an event called welcome to Montana night, where we all dressed up like cowboys and square-danced and played tug of war. It was awesome! I have some great pics of it on my Facebook. Last week we learned a lot about meditation, intercession, and hearing God's voice, which was awesome. I really put that to work this weekend. Over the weekend I struggled a lot with hearing God's voice, and discerning his voice from among the other voices in my head, and it was awesome. It is really cool to see how god speaks. Then yesterday, we had an hour and a half long worship session. We'll do that every monday morning. What a great way to start the week.

We also have opportunities to help with worship on base, which has been fun (and some of you know how much I enjoy this :D ). Got to play bass with the team this morning, and guitar tomorrow. Its awesome.

This week is going to be awesome too. We learning about the Father heart of God, and what our relationship with him should really look like. I know this is going to be a hard week because of a lot of my insecurities, but I am excited to see how God works. We had our first session this morning and it was awesome. It has been really cool to see God working in the people around me. I have really seen a lot of hearts change, been encouraged by a lot of people's attitudes. It's amazing.

I can use prayer that I can keep my focus on God. I am definitely learning a lot about discerning God's voice, and also that I can be open with who I am, and willing to let those around me help me through. That is very difficult for me.

O and I guess this is somewhat important too….I'M GOING TO BE IN INDIA FOR CHRISTMAS!!! We found out locations yesterday, and figured out our teams. So that is where my mission will be, which I'm super excited about. We will mostly working in Mumbai. I miss everyone back home lots!!! :)

Skylar Brown / DTS 
501 Blacktail Rd. 
Lakeside, MT 59922

P.S Someone should send me mail. I really enjoy getting letters, and will write back! :) Even if its something stupid. I enjoy mail

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